The kitchen is inspired by the ancient traditions of the surrounding territory. Thanks to its particular lease the space between the coast and the mountains, the restaurant has been able to specialize in both the kitchen meat and in the fish. A famous specialty you can not miss the crescia, served with meats and cheeses. To accompany each dish, the winery offers a good selection of wines from locally produced Verdicchio to Rosso Conero. The menu provides abundant fish appetizers with first stuzzicanti, like gnocchi with zucchini and shrimp, fried and roasted. Each year there will be surprises, especially in times of festivals, with recipes associated with the best-known folk traditions.

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Choose to celebrate “Your special day” between the Badia San Vittore and Oasi Ristorante including the Catering , Cucina Casereccia Marchigiana

CATERINGThe OASI Restaurant offers a catering service specialized both for meat and fish menus.OASI catering with over 30 years experience in catering, delights guests with refined dishes typical of the Marche cuisine, offering quality and impeccable service


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In a valley dug by rapids from the river Musone, there is the village of San Vittore di

Cingoli and its historic Benedictine Abbey (eleventh century)”

La Badia is surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards.
In its spacious and charming rooms and in the park it is possible to organize weddings, conventions, cultural events, private parties and business meetings.
You can stay in the exclusive suites obtained, thanks to a careful renovation, in the ancient monks’ cells.
The charming rooms can accommodate up to 300 people, as many can accommodate the large garden. Here you can build a banquet tailored to your tastes in collaboration with the best catering.