The oasis is ideal for ceremonies.
The main room is furnished in a rustic style cared for in detail.

The Oasis Restaurant Staffolo is in the countryside Marche, at the foot of one of the highest hills of Vallesina, just 30 km from the gate of Ancona North. The new structure has a modern aspect, but was designed respecting the traditions typical of the territory. This is because the activity dell’Oasi going on for two decades, although the structure that houses the restaurant is newly built.

With the experience gained and consolidated over the years, guests can enjoy the delicacies of home cooking Marche, with the help of new spaces, suitable for every occasion, from ceremonies, to lunches. The restaurant has a large garden outside a room reserved for the pizzeria, outside a room reserved for the pizzeria, a bar on the ground floor, and an area reserved for a welcoming residence.

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